Artworks Community Theatre
2 Korora Rd, Oneroa
Waiheke Island
Aotearoa / New Zealand

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Sonic Delusion
"Open Your Eyes" Tour

Thu 10 April: 8-10pm

From delicate heartfelt textures and tones to wide open foot-stomping atmospheric joy, Andre Manella's music is an upbeat concoction of folk, pop, funk and Latin, blended and layered with expertise on his well-worn loop pedal. For Andre, sculpting music live takes proficiency and guts but when the song takes flight its atmospheric joy is undeniable.

Sonic Delusion (Trio) heightens the contrasts and escalates the dynamics of Sonic Delusion's funky electroacoustic folk. French import Severin Thiebaut adds his Latin-flavoured keys and funky bass. The token Kiwi, Missie Moffat, uses her vocal prowess and percussive finesse to add vocal and rhythmic harmonies.

Doors and café open at 7:30pm.
Tickets are $15 prepaid or $20 at the door.

Book with the Theatre via voicemail on 372-2941, with a Facebook comment on or email

Prepayment can be made to the Theatre's ASB account (12-3114-0139944-01), using your surname and "Sonic " as reference.

Welcome to the Third Waiheke Playwrights' Festival.

Sat 12 April: 7:30pm
Sun 13 April: 2:00pm

Once again we have something new: eight ten-minute plays fitted neatly into a two-hour show. That's eight Waiheke writers, eight Waiheke directors, and 34 parts all played by Waiheke actors. So sit back and enjoy a feast of local talent!

I can't begin to tell you what the plays are all about: two musicians, a locum doctor, a library with only one book, boutique holiday accommodation, the Internet and some stuffed animals -- and that's just the first half!

Then there's a stranger washed up on the shore, a whale, identities being mistaken all over the place, a pair of lost suitcases, a New Year's eve party, and a fishing trip with a whopping big catch.

And at the end of it all, you get to vote for your favourite. The writer of the winning play will get the Tivoli Bookshop Prize, while the actors and director will share the Upcycle Award.

Seat belts are recommended - it's going to be one roller-coaster of a ride!

Doors and cafe open 30min earlier.
Tickets $15 general / $10 concession.

Call 372-2941 for reservations.

Theatres of Resistance: Mayday weekend will be "A Happening" once more in 2014.

Sat 3 May: 7:30pm

On Sat 3rd May at 7:30 pm at Artworks Theatre, "Laugh While You May" will be performed, screened, sung, and talked about. It hangs together on a couple of satirical plays on the City and the Land by local playwrights Colin Beardon and Janet Salas. Look out for the poster, which will list the musicians, who'll be honouring Pete Seager and Tony Benn.

Tickets are $10

Sun 4 May: 1pm

On the Sunday at 2:00 pm we get Deadly Serious about the state of our nation with Murray Horton from CAFCA, who is on a NZ Speaking Tour. We had him to Waiheke a couple of years ago, brilliant.

Admission by koha

Austen Tayshus Live!

Sun 4 May: 6-9pm

Austen Tayshus was "born" at Sydney's first Comedy Store in Jamieson Street in 1981. He stood up for the first time after a fairly precarious delivery, in March of that year. By 1982, 'Australiana' was ready to record, and it was released in June 1983. It sold in excess of two hundred thousand copies, went double platinum, and still holds the record for the highest-selling Australian single ever.

His challenging, provocative and highly dynamic stand up (which is not to everyone's taste), has made Austen Tayshus a must-see comic. His work is improvisational and sometimes frightening, and tends to polarize his audiences, but is attractive nevertheless as he draws his audience in like a magnet.

Doors and café open at 5:30pm.
Tickets are $15 prepaid or $20 at the door.

Book with the Theatre via voicemail on 372-2941, with a Facebook comment on or email

Prepayment can be made to the Theatre's ASB account (12-3114-0139944-01), using your surname and "Austen" as reference.

Adam Piggott and Jayne Freeman

Fri 9 May: 7:30pm

UK folk and Americana songwriters Adam Piggott and Jayne Freeman will be playing live at Artworks Community Theatre as part of their current New Zealand tour.

Described by NetRythms as "Genuinely uplifting" with "intensely adept acoustic guitar styling", this guitar/ukulele duo showcase their songwriting alongside fresh interpretations of often unexpected classic songs. With strong influences from country, folk, blues and jazz, their sound has been described as a mix of Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Debbie Harry and Ry Cooder with a modern Nouvelle Vague twist.

They played a string of dates across Europe last year that took them from street festivals in Croatia, Germany and Italy to a circus tent in Austria and two tours of the UK. The duo also played a number of dates in New Zealand at the beginning of 2013, which prompted invites for a return visit.

Adam says, "It's great to be invited back to New Zealand again so soon. Everyone who came to see us was so positive about our music. We have a lot of friends and fans from last year to catch up with, and we're looking forward to playing a host of new venues, too."

A gig for all lovers of finely played acoustic music, acoustic guitars and ukuleles.

Doors and café open at 7:00.
Tickets $10 prepaid or $15 at the door

Book with the Theatre via voicemail on 372-2941, with a Facebook comment on or email

Tickets are $10 prepaid (to 12-3114-0139944-01; please use your surname and "Adam&Jayne" as references) or $15 at the door.

Acting classes for all ages.

Please contact Lucinda Peterken on 372-2770 or 0211-900-291.

If you are interested in taking part in the theatre then send us an email.

We are planning a range of activities from putting on full plays, to play-readings. You may want to act, or direct, or write a play, or you may want to help behind the scenes with scenery, lighting or costumes. No experience necessary.

Just send us an email and we will keep you informed