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Members, Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers, all welcome!

As a small community theatre we need all the help we can get to achieve our mission of being a multidisciplinary arts hub for our beloved Waiheke Island. Your help in any shape or form is much appreciated and will help us grow, host more and better shows, reach new and wider audiences and provide a creative home for all of Waiheke performing arts talent and beyond.

You as a Member

Becoming a member is not only a great simple way of showing your support but it also provides you with many advantages. By paying $40 per year, you can enjoy:

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Becoming a Donor

We need your support! Yes, every dollar counts to help us to support the dreams and hopes of artists far and wide. We are a non-profit organisation after all with our main focus being the community. See it this way, you cut down on your coffees each week and your grandchildren get to dance and twirl in this community hub in years to come!
It’s easy just transfer what you can afford into the account below and we will make sure that the magic continues!

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Our Sponsors

Are you a company or an enterprise that wish to contribute to the good mission of Artworks Theatre? Then there are many ways you or your company can help us! From practical resources and donating your work, you can become a recognised sponsor or our Theatre.
In exchange we can offer a public thank you via social media or in some cases add your logo to our clients posters!

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Volunteers, the blood of our Theatre!

We love our mighty volunteers! They work front of house, they take tickets and get to watch shows for free. They also roll up their sleeves for regular working bees to keep our special place looking and feeling loved. If this sounds like you and you can see yourself in our merry band of volunteers then email the Management team on the link below:

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