Supporting the performing arts on Waiheke Island! Costume Hire open THURSDAYS 12-5pm and FRIDAYS 4-6pm – Blackpool School Hall
Otherworld Productions is Community organisation on Waiheke Island that supports and nurtures local entertainment and the performing arts! Established in 2007 by late Sallie-Ann Stones, Otherworld Productions was renowned for their fabulous themed fund-raising events for a community swimming pool including Neptunes Ball, Pirates Ball and Wild West Ball. Elaborate sets were built, and many local musicians, dancers, actors and ‘characters’ performed to large audiences who were certainly immersed in another world. An extensive collection of costumes gathered over the years including pieces from Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules television series. This remarkable collection has featured in most of the local theatre and school events, and is available for the public to hire from the historic Blackpool School building. This legacy lives on as a part of the recent collaboration with Artworks Theatre to keep this Community asset very much thriving and alive!

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