Friday 17th & Saturday 18th January 2020

Tom Sainsbury Comedy

Warmed up by The Waiheke Comedy Show improv team, and some local stand up. 

Tom Sainsbury is coming to Waiheke, for a two night season to perform his International Comedy Festival sold out stand up show –Tom Foolery.
He will be telling a few yarns, doing a few characters and talking about those pesky politicians, lucky lucky Waiheke. 🐈 purrrt.

He is a Billy T nominee and has 59,400 followers on his facebook. You might know of him as Fiona, who was a recent candidate for Auckland Mayor, Parker on Wellington Paranormal or as Gingerbread ‘that’ cat all over social media currently.

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Warmed up by Waihekes favourite improvisors,The Waiheke Comedy Show team.

This WILL sell out!

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th January 2020
FOH: 6.30pm | SHOW: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Ticket price
ADULT: $30.00 | DOOR SALES:  $35.00 (If not Sold out prior)

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