Maharaj Trio - SAT15&SUN16FEB

14th & 15th Generations of Ancient Musical Lineage of Varanasi - India

With exquisite skill and artistry, this charismatic father and sons trio from Varanasi-India,
breathe great joy and vitality into music that dates back thousands of years. Their repertoire of
Ragas, the heart of all of their music, comes directly from the ancient Vedic texts (Mantras). It
has been passed down from generation to generation in this family of musicians that can be
traced back 15 generations Yet, each Raga holds infinite potential for improvisation, always
reflecting the shifting moods of the human heart and encompassing the full breadth of a
lifetime. Every performance is unique, as the dynamic relationships between musicians and
audience create an entirely new and unforgettable experience every time.

The band has performed at major world music festivals in New Zealand, Europe, Asia, United States, Middle East, Canada, and South America and is back by popular demand as via Waiheke Island on their way to SPLORE!


FOH: 6.45PM | SHOW: 7.30PM
Ticket price
[PRESALES] ADULT: $25 | CON: $22.50 [DOORSALES] ADULT: $27.50 | CON: $25

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