Saturday 29th February 2020

Jack Ansett - SAT29FEB20

Fresh from the 2019 NZ International Comedy Festival, Jack Ansett is hitting the road on his first New Zealand Comedy tour.

Jack Ansett (as seen on ‘that KFC ad’) is now 21, and has reached his peak in life. It’s only downward from here. Jack is making a stand, accepting his current average talent and lanky beauty. Will he prevail? Will Woman’s Day Magazine respond to his emails and give him the two-page shirtless spread he desires? Will his Year 9 Drama teacher apologise for giving him the role of Villager 12 in the Burnside High School Junior Musical Aladdin, given his current ‘KFC ad’ stardom?

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“His humour is a breath of fresh air” – Art Murmurs

“Ansett burst onto stage and didn’t let up until the light started flashing” – The Speakeasy

“Jack must not allow his sense of humour to disrupt the learning of others.” – Burnside High School 2015

Saturday 29th February 2020
FOH: 6.45pm | SHOW: 7.30PM
Ticket price

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