17th & 18th September 2019

'Heavenly Bodies'

WHS Level 2/3 Drama present 'Heavenly Bodies' an award winning play about art, science, love and fate by Kerry Lynch


‘Heavenly Bodies’

by Kerry Lynch

An Award winning play about art, science, love and fate.


The fates realise they have forgotten how to have fun, in an attempt to reawaken their playfulness, the three sisters decide to make mischief like they did in ancient times. With the help of the dice they select two teenagers who live in NZ, Hugo James a Kiwi boy who falls in love with an Italian girl Verona di Lorento. To win Verona’s heart Hugo must overcome the impossible obstacles that the supernatural sisters place in front of him.


Heavenly Bodies is a modern love story that alludes to both Greek and Elizabethan Theatre. It is a comical and thought provoking commentary on love and what it means to be human.


Electra: Science will never understand love Phoebe. It’s the poets and musicians who have come the closest.

17th & 18th September 2019
BAR: 5.30PM | SHOW: 6.30PM
Ticket price
Adults $10 | Students $5

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