Dec 8th & 15th

★ Last Laughs Weekly Tuesday Night Comedy ★
After a successfully mad silly season of Rocky Baywatch, and for 4 weeks only…our crazy seasoned improv comedians will be delivering thrilling fast-paced non-scripted shows that change every time you come!
Yes, there will be lots of fun improvised games and scenes. Yes, you will laugh. Yes, you will have a fun night out. No, we have no idea what will happen at the show…
It is not unusual to see a scene about killer kumaras, and a minute later St Peters negotiating with dead Deka employees from Huntley.
“Non-stop action, brilliant improv. All of these guys just think on their feet, take an idea from the audience, and run with it” ★★★★★
Dec 8th & 15th
TIME: THE PINTER 6.30pm bar | SHOW STARTS: 7:30pm
Ticket price
$10/ticket (cash at door)

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