Well this has been an interesting ride! Who saw 2020 panning out like this? Firstly thank you to everyone who has donated so far, it is encouraging to see how important this space is to so many people!


Our plan is to open for our first show on Tuesday 22nd September for Waiheke Comedy’s Improv Season.

We will be operating in a similar way to a restaurant with bubble groups with a 1 metre gap, in order to keep everyone safe. Please find the process below which will ensure a smooth and safe evening for all.

Step One: Arrive early with your bubble group, use scan code to sign in and give your name to the front of house volunteer to tick off.

Step Two: Once your name is marked off, a usher will collect you and take you to your table or bubble of seats. If there is a line you will be allocated a marked point in the foyer for you to stand and wait to be seated.

Step Three: A bartender or volunteer will come to take your drink order. You will be given the choice to either start a tab with the use of a credit card or pay using mobile eftpos (cash will not be accepted).

You are welcome to use the bathroom facilities but the bar will not be available for customer service. Please keep yourself and others safe but keeping a 1 metre distance between other bubble groups. Last but not least… Enjoy the show!



YES we have reached 45% of our goal, the generosity of others is the only chance we have of surviving this. While we are able to put on shows at a reduced capacity, large financially viable bands such as Jordan Luck Band have been cancelled, causing big set backs.

Make a donate here: http://artworkstheatre.


Why does Artworks need $30,000?
The majority of the theatre’s income is earned from hosting performances and providing hospitality. COVID restrictions have meant that we have lost 90% of our revenue over the restricted COVID periods! The money raised will pay for ongoing costs such as cleaners, minimal admin, insurance and building maintenance.

Why don’t you just shut your doors?
We need to keep a minimum of hours to apply for funding, arrange programming, coordinate building maintenance, update documents and plan the future of the unknown!

Is the Pinter Bar fundraiser different?
Yes the Pinter Bar fundraiser is to develop a long-term financial resource for the theatre to rely on. Money raised through the Artworks Music Series Vol 1 & 2 is kept completely seperate and will pay for items such as paint, furniture and glass ware.

What about the wage subsidy?
Yes some of our staff qualify and have received the subsidy to cover part of the loss in income but the money being raised will help to cover the reduced paid hours.

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