Saturday 29th August


**Postponed until further notice

Join us for a night of laughs as some of Auckland’s finest up and coming pro comedians bring their best gags to Waiheke. With a great range of comedy styles, there will be something for everyone, you will laugh until it hurts and then laugh some more.

Introducing the fantastic lineup:
Donna Brookbanks – A regular with SNORT and shows in the Melbourne and NZ International Comedy festivals, Donna is also a Billy T award nominee.
“With the audience laughing continuously, in syncopation, she will then hit us with a big gag we all find hilarious” – Libel
“You can’t quite work out how much it is planned and what is just being concocted on the spot” – NZ Herald

Hannah Campbell – Originally from Scotland, Hannah is a 2018 RAW quest finalist received the best newcomer nomination at the 2018 NZ Comedy Guild Awards and a show in the 2019 NZ International Comedy Festival. “Has us howling with laughter within a few short minutes” – The Speakeasy

Natalie Samy – With a show from the 2019 NZ International Comedy Festival, Natalie effortlessly makes light of race, religion, and the most dangerous topic, family.

Sarah Hughes – Joint winner of the 2019 RAW quest. Sarah was scheduled to have a show in this year’s NZ International Comedy Festival, we get to see her exciting fresh content before any festival people.

Courtney Dawson – Joint winner of the 2019 RAW quest, winner of best newcomer award at the 2019 NZ Comedy Guild Awards. Courtney was also scheduled to have a show in this year’s NZ International Comedy Festival. “She is a natural performer, able to mine moments from her past and craft them into something delightfully punchy” – The Speakeasy

Julie Belliveau – Originally from Canada, a 2019 RAW quest finalist. Recently returned from headlining a series of shows in the South Island.

Ruby Esther – Winner of the 2017 RAW quest and a regular in the NZ International Comedy Festival. Ruby brings a new perspective to the world through her mix of storytelling, intelligent observations, and her unique musical and poetic talents.

Lee Ray – A regular of improv comedy and a proud Waiheke local, we are excited to have Lee on the stage.

Saturday 29th August
BAR: 6.45pm | SHOW: 7.30pm
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