What is Governance?


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Governance means thinking about strategic issues, rather than the operational day-to-day running of an organisation.

Good governance helps an organisation to:

  • Improve performance
  • Have a defined vision for the future of the organisation
  • Take a big picture view of the organisation, separate from its operations
  • Ensure there is accountability and oversight of operations
  • Manage risk

Based on: NZ Institute of Directors | What is Governance?

Governance at Artworks Theatre

Executive Board
Artworks Theatre is governed by an Executive Board, elected by paid-up members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

The current officers of the Executive Board are Gillian Wess (Chairperson), Harriet Crampton (Secretary),  Victoria Grimshaw (Treasurer), Raul Sarrot and Jamie Stone.

Charitable Status
The theatre has charitable status and is registered as an Incorporated Society, registration number CC30721. Annual returns are filed with Charities Services and can be viewed by searching the Charities Services Register.

The constitution sets out how the theatre is to be governed, in accordance with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. Changes to the constitution may only be made at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting by a vote of paid-up members. The constitution was last amended at an AGM held on 18th March 2017.
Download the Artworks Theatre Incorporated Constitution 2017 here >>

Monthly executive meetings & minutes 2017


Monthly executive meetings & minutes 2016

Monthly executive meetings are open to all paid-up members and will be notified on this website and to subscribers of our free eNewsletter.

Minutes can be downloaded in PDF format for all executive meetings held after the 2016 AGM. Minutes are published after being confirmed at the following executive meeting.

Annual General Meeting 2016

The following documents were presented at the AGM held on 17 March 2016:

From the AGM the following documents were produced: