Theatre Proposal 2015 cover


There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that our theatre needs some love, renovation and to house more people.  In 2014 the board commissioned a report on the future of theatre. After speaking with arts practitioners from across the island, NZ, Europe, Australia and North America – Harriet Crampton presented her findings to the members and the board (PDF below).

WOW, what ideas she has gathered, investigated that will benefit everyone…and already we have started implementing these from looking after the members, fine tuning systems & processes to educational programmes and getting the community more involved.

Exciting stuff!

Combined with this Bruce Woods has put together concept drawings to increase the capacity from a 106 seat theatre to a 250 seated theatre…work is continuing today to move this into Phase II.


Download this interesting report here…
Download the Artworks Theatre 2015 proposal (PDF)