Ethno will open young musicians to a global network of passionate, open minded people who want to celebrate and share music and culture.

Ethno is a global movement for young musicians within the folk/traditional/world music scene and has been around since 1990. Now existing in over 13 countries with a solid international network it is now time to bring it to New Zealand!

Ethno is a camp where the musicians live together for around a week and share their music through workshops and work together as an ensemble, preparing for a final performance. Authentic traditional teaching techniques are emphasised through the peer to peer democratic learning approach that is particular to Ethnos around the world.

The first Ethno New Zealand will take place on Piritahi Marae on Waiheke Island between the 20th and 29th of January 2018, culminating in performances on the island and at iconic Auckland Folk Festival in Kumeu.

To date we have musicians coming from all over the world; New Zealand, Australia, Tonga, India, Sweden, Estonia, The Netherlands, Chile, Congo, USA, Ghana. But we still have spaces for New Zealand based musicians!

Ethno New Zealand is going to bring the world to New Zealand and take New Zealand to the world.

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