Attention Seeker – Gerard Harris | April 22nd

Let's start a county

Let’s start a county

What do you call the joke writer for a top UK comedian when he’s forced to do stand-up, too, using only stage-fright & jokes the comic didn’t buy, all just to prove who’s really the funny one?


British-Canadian storyteller Gerard Harris brings the award-winning and critically-acclaimed Attention Seeker to Artworks Theatre on Saturday April 22nd at 7:30pm. A comedy about comedy — or possibly a tragedy about comedy — it’s the regrettably true story of Gerard’s dramatic and erratic journey from petrified wallflower to professional idiot and takes a serious look at the psychological makeup of the average, and indeed the above average, comedian.

The show is about what happens when we finally start saying ‘yes’ to everything, no matter the consequences, and addresses those classic conflicts we all have to deal with: ambition vs frustration, confidence vs fear, ego vs ego, chocolate vs poo, and so on.

Gerard started out as a joke writer for a very famous comedian in the UK before starting out on his own… with hilarious consequences (see above). He has also written children’s cartoons for the BBC and adult comedy for Channel 4 in the UK, acted and told stories on CBC Radio in Canada and is currently touring four storytelling comedy shows around the world.

This is his second time touring New Zealand, having last year won Best Comedy at the Dunedin Fringe and Best Solo Show at the Nelson Fringe. He was also the featured guest on Radio New Zealand’s The Laughter Track.

After a sold-out run at BATS Theatre in Wellington last month, this is his first visit to Waiheke Island.  Gerard will join Waiheke Comedy Show for the first half, and take over for a solo spot for the last half.

In addition to the performance, he will be presenting a Storytelling Workshop at Artworks Theatre earlier in the day: Saturday from 11am to 2pm (ages 18+). 

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“Hilarious” – Dominion Post, Wellington

“Beyond engaging…I loved every minute of it” – Art Murmurs, Wellington

“Masterful storytelling” – Pantograph Punch, Wellington

“A masterful storyteller” – Stage Whispers, Perth, Australia

“★★★★★ Incredibly smart and funny” – Edmonton Journal, Canada

“★★★★ it’s… what was I going to…  Oh, yeah, good” – Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Canada

“Come with your antennae up so you don’t miss a thing” – Montreal Rampage, Canada

Winner: Best Solo Show, Nelson Fringe 2016

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