The award-winning New Zealand Youth Choir is coming to Waiheke Island’s Artworks Theatre. Book Now: Known to deliver a spine-tingling, entertaining and engaging programme, a concert by the New Zealand […]

NZ Youth Choir | JUL 7


Leatherhead are a four-piece powerhouse, decanting the essence of rock into its constituent parts and reassembling it with 100% more juice and less sugar! Leatherhead’s recent album Needles, released via […]


Dresser Poster EF 800x450

The Dresser A play by Ronald Harwood “I am reduced to old men, cripples and nancy-boys. Herr Hitler has made it very difficult for Shakespearean companies.” Ronald Harwood’s splendid tragicomedy […]

The Dresser | Opens June 22

Youth Circus

YOUTH CIRCUS School Holiday Programme… practical, creative & physical workshop using improv to bring out best in personality and performance. We know everyone is unique, and we welcome diversity in […]

YOUTH CIRCUS School Holiday Programme